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We started from operating a handful of independent Chinese restaurants in Santa Clara County California for 30 years, we found it is harder every year to find a skillful dim sum chef. To overcome this, I thought we could implement technology to resolve the finger work difficulty. For more than four years in planning, research and sleepless nights of brainstorming and testing, we successfully modify some existing food machine to produce dim sum dumpling that compatible to hand made in appearance, taste and texture, as well as consistency in quality. Beside periodically we update our product to meet the current consumer preference trend, we also innovate our products to meet the challenge from our professional chef clients’ comments. We commit to supply our dim sums and dumpling at restaurant industries quality. Feel free to contact us email: service@cuisinemadeeay.com  or Tel: 408.685.2597 for free sample, we will drop it off and demonstrate our dumpling’s optimal cooking temperature and timing while meeting with you, guarantee no hard sale nor any obligation of purchase.