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Dim Sum Kitchen in the Bay Area

Frozen Dim Sum and Dumplings for Food Service Establishments

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Today in the Bay Area, we are dealing with increasing wages, difficulties in finding skilled kitchen staff, high lease rate, import ingredient getting expensive, furthermore, customers’ resistance to menu price changes. Therefore, running an independently owned restaurant is extremely challenging.

As an owner of a handful of small local restaurants, my ambition was to build a central kitchen that would prepare most of the finger food at one location and distribute the products to our other subsidiaries. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, our central kitchen was finally completed. After several months of operation, it has been extremely rewarding to find that our central kitchen was able to handle the demand for all our locations flawlessly. Since then, my fellow restaurant colleagues and friends have convinced me to provide dim sum for them so that they also can enjoy the same convenience I have. After a few months trial, this idea turned out to be a great success and both parties were happy, a win-win to all of us!

I thought to myself, there must be more independent restaurants and food services who want to use outsource dim sum and dumplings on their menu. I believe we can fulfill the demand for those who do not need a full-time dim sum chef, and those who want to reallocate precious time of their dim sum chef for creative in-house dim sum specialties which yields a higher margin while building their brand image. We deeply believe Cuisine Made Easy, Inc has the ability meeting your needs. Together, we bring the Chinese cuisine to the next level.